Baseball Strategy

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Baseball Strategy

Postby lechg31 » Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:58 pm

So I was wondering if someone could give me as brief of an overview as possible on baseball strategy. Big question, I know. But we could compartmentalize it into different categories and such. if I am going to get into baseball I need to understand the game on a higher level than I do now. I know where and how you pitch affects the liklihood of a gorunder or pop fly but I dont know how. I know you want certain handed pitchers throwing to certain handed batters based on their release. I would just like to ge the game more. Let's start with something I saw last night. I don't understand the purpose of a double switch. Perhaps it comes from the fact that I don't get HOW it is done. I see the line-up cards in the managers and umps hands. I'm not sure HOW it works from a batting order perspective and fielding perspective which is probably the reason I don't get WHY it is done.

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