LCS Weekly - We're Still Here!

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LCS Weekly - We're Still Here!

Postby k1llerkeller » Tue Sep 27, 2016 12:54 am

Hello to everyone who's been wondering where Rob and I have been for the past month, we're here and we definitely going to be putting out a podcast before Worlds starts on Thursday.


We'll be posting our regular podcast as usual, but we'll also be live streaming our podcast (with video!) on Rob's Twitch channel, We'll be going in depth for each of the four groups, and if you guys have any questions for us, Twitch makes it really easy for you guys to ask! If you're not able to view our show live, we'll also be posting the vod to Youtube.

So you've now got 3 places to hear our thoughts on Worlds - the Soundcloud channel where you've been hearing our podcasts already, for a livestream of our podcasting, and Youtube. So be sure to drop in on Wednesday (we'll have a specific announced soon, we'll post it here when we do) to, and while you're there, hit the 'Follow' button to get notified whenever he goes live (for podcasts or just to play games).

I'll post the Youtube channel information here when we get that worked out as well, and we'll also have a link in the podcast description on Soundcloud.

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